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Boston Group Family of Companies

Your Premium Waste, Recycling and Environmental Management Partner

With Boston Group Family of Companies, you benefit from the strength, knowledge, resources and experience of our coordinated group of leading waste, recycling and environmental management companies.

Boston Group Family of Companies offers comprehensive, premium waste, recycling and environmental management services to help you go green and enhance your business success. Together, we provide superior sustainable waste management and recycling services at the greatest value for companies of any size across the globe.

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DC Environmental is a recognized leader in sustainable waste management and recycling for buildings. Serving hundreds of buildings throughout the U.S., DC partners with building owners, facility managers and property managers to “take their buildings green” and reduce environmental impact, solve waste issues through recycling and diversion, plan for sustainability, and improve efficiency and business success.

Boston Group is a recognized leader in the recovery, recycling and marketing of recyclable materials across the globe. With decades of experience at the forefront of the recycling industry, Boston Group’s deep knowledge and broad supplier, customer and partner base allow us to efficiently market all grades of wastepaper, plastics, cardboard, metals, woods, electronics, and every material that can be recycled.

UCC Recycling

UCC Recycling (UCCR) has over 35 years of combined plastic industry experience and was formed to optimize the collection, recovery and marketing of consumer and industrial waste in Mexico with a particular focus on all grades of plastic material. As part of the Boston Group family of companies, UCCR is quickly becoming a leader in recycling plastic material in Mexico by connecting the economic recovery of plastic material to many new emerging markets that can repurpose the recycled material.

UCC Manufacturing

UCC Manufacturing was originally founded as Boston Group Mexico in 2008, was then merged with United Commodities Connection (UCC) to form UCC Manufacturing (UCCM). The vision for UCCM is to bring value to its clients through cost effective manufacturing strategies. As a contract manufacturer, UCCM is focused on solutions based programming that is centered around customization and partnering with each client. The UCCM team has over 30 years of experience with extrusion and injection mold manufacturing. Combined with its sister division UCC Recycling, UCCM is strategically positioned to utilize a fully integrated supply cycle from material collection and recovery to reprocessing and manufacturing. This allows for the fulfillment of a sustainability strategy that supports both the environmental and economic needs of its clients.